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Welcome to Nubia!


This website introduces you to a particular part of Egypt and Sudan: Nubia.
Here live the Nubians, an African nation with its own language and culture.

Nubia extends from southern Egypt (the area around Aswan) to northern Sudan.
In Sudan, the Nubians are one of the largest populations.


The Egyptian and Nubian history have always been closely intertwined.

In the 25th pharaoh dynasty Nubians were the rulers (the period of the "black pharaohs"), at other times they were suppressed.


In addition, and this is much less known, the Nubians also had their own African kingdoms, apart from those of the pharaohs. Especially in northern Sudan there are many remnants of those kingdoms. They are called the kingdoms of Kush, with it's capital successively Kerma, Napata and Meroe. Nubians have also built many pyramids. In Sudan, there are 3 times as much pyramids as in Egypt and more beautiful Nubian monuments.

Archaeologists begin to realize that the Sudanese history might be as important for Africa as the Greek history for Europe.


Our Nubia trips therefore focus in southern Egypt and northern Sudan.
And because Egypt as a whole has so much history, culture and natural beauty,
of course we offer round trips in Egypt as well.


So you might join our trips in Cairo and surroundings, in the Western desert,

the Nile Valley, Luxor and environment, of course Aswan and Abu Simbel in the

far south. All combined with beach holidays on the Red Sea, if you like.


In all these locations we work with reliable, mostly Nubian partners.

We also work with some Dutch living in Egypt and offering accommodation,

transport and/or excursions.


Besides the travel programs we arrange every year many travel experiences
for our international clientele, who by word of mouth and reviews on sites like TripAdvisor are steadily expanding.


We are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Small Tour Companies (VvKR).
The VvKR defends the interests of small, often specialized travel agencies. Through the VvKR we gather our strengths and share our expertise and maximize security and satisfaction for both the tour operator and the consumer.
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